Italy - Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome & Pompeii

This is the classic Tour of Italy, discovering the beautiful cities of Venice, Florence, Rome and Pompei with their beauties and art.

Tour Description:
Italian Cities Tour. You will visit Milan, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Vatican City, Pompeii and other wonderful Italian places.

Tour details:
Arrival to Milan airport. Check into your hotel and welcome meeting by the hotel, where you meet your tour escort, that will introduce you the tour of Italy, the itinerary, the programme and other little curiosities.

In the morning your tour director will escort you through the busy town of Milan, capital of the fashion and famous for its numerous elegant and exclusive shops line Via Montenapoleone; free time for shopping will be given before leaving to Venice, the amazing floating city!

On arrival at St.Mark Square follow a local guide for a sensational city tour. You will enter the San Marco Basilica which is a unique example of Gothic Romanic, mixed with oriental features. Time to see the church and you will see also the Doge’s palace, the palace of the rulers of Venice with all the unbelievable treasures of art among the others Tintoretto’s ceiling of the hall. After the city tour the guide will escort you to a glass blowing factory for a demonstration of glass from Murano, the best quality of the world! In the afternoon, to better enjoy your stay in Venice join the optional tour Gondola Serenade, a must once in Venice to experience the life of the city with its arched bridges and baroque palaces while sailing the Canal Grande and serenaded by local musicians; arrival in Florence in the late afternoon. Dinner.

In the morning a walk with a local guide through one of the most important and beautiful city in Italy. You will be taken to visit the Duomo Square and its Cathedral, then you will see the wonderful Giotto’s Bell Tower, Signoria Square, Ponte Vecchio and more…..! In the afternoon free time to visit the oldest and most important picture gallery in Italy: “The Uffizi Gallery” starting from Giotto and Cimabue you will see Botticelli’s rooms with the “Spring” and “Birth of Venus”. Then the best of the Italian renaissance with Leonardo da Vinci’s, Michelangelo’s, Raphael’s, Titian’s and many others. Free time will be given to explore the shopping centre, where the best buys are leather and gold stuffs. Dinner.

Day 5 - PISA & ROMA
In the morning leave Florence and drive off to Pisa, where you experience the old sea-republic famous for its Leaning Tower, set in the middle of the Square of the Miracles, where other beautiful monuments are. Free time for climbing the tower and for shopping will be given before leaving to Rome, where a local guide will escort you through the ruins of the Roman Forums and of the Colosseum, the largest amphitheatre ever been built by human beings around the 72 a.d.; a lovely half-day in Rome, visiting the Palatine hill, the ancient area of the town, where is said the twins Romulus and Remus, nursed by a she-wolf, founded around the 21st of April 753 b.c. the powerful Rome, first at the centre of the Empire and then at the centre of Christianity, with no equal! At night dinner.

In the morning leave the hotel and reach the Vatican City; with a local guide visit the Vatican Museums, a must when you are in Rome to see the innumerable treasures of the popes, such as the tapestry rooms, incredible collection of art and paintings, splendid gardens and naturally the most powerful paintings of the world in the Sistine Chapel : “ The Last Judgement”, a work of art by Michelangelo. Lunch at leisure in one of the many restaurants of the capital of Italy; In the afternoon visit the wonderful Baroque and Renaissance areas, where you will be struck by the beauty of the Spanish steps, the Piazza Navona and the Trevi Fountain (REMEMBER YOUR COINS!!!), built around the XVII cent. by the great architect Nicola Salvi where once ended the oldest aqueduct of Rome (Aqua Virgo, I cent.B.C.). At Night dinner...

Driving south to the Neapolitan Riviera, you reach the spectacular buried city of Pompei, destroyed by the eruption of Mount. Vesuvius of the 79 a.d., during which the ancient city was covered by 3 meters of hot lava, lapilli and ashes. Pompei was only excavated around the 1748, under Charles III of Bourbons, who ordered the transfer of statues, potteries, mosaics pulled out, from the archaeological area to the Archaeological Museum of Naples; with a local guide visit the ruins of this amazing roman town including temples, villas, gardens, a red light district and a little part of it, where bodies of people who died during the eruption of the 79 a.d., still having the shock on their faces, are on display. Before leaving to Rome, visit of a local cameo factory. In the afternoon drive back to Rome. Dinner?

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Italy - Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome & Pompeii - 8 days

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