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Local Fishing experience full day
In the morning, sailing from Massa Lubrense or Sorrento to spend a very special day fishing with our local fishermen
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Boat Excursions: Capri and Amalfi Coast
Departure from the little harbour of Massa Lubrense (Sorrento Peninsula). This excursion can be considered as a lovely boat trip to admire the beauties of the Island also from the sea
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Wine tasting in the Campania Felix
The Campania region has got an ancient wine tradition. During this excursions you will discover the best wine area between Avellino and Benevento
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Walking Excursions
Amalfi Coast "Gods Path", “The Mill Valley”, Capri - half day guided, Bay of Jeranto - Half Day, Vesuvio + National Park
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CULTURAL "Discovering Italy"
Pompei half day, Pompei/Napoli full day, Pompei/Sorrento full day, Napoli half day, Paestum full day, Herculaneum half day, Amalfi Coast/Ravello full day, Caserta Royal Palace full day
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Along the coast

A land stretched out towards the Mediterranean, a land that was painted, described and sung by poets, artists and great travellers of all ages.
An alternation of indented and inaccessible coasts dominated by guard towers, pleasant and sweetest beaches, protected inlets and enchanting grottoes and bays.
This land was inhabited and loved by Man since the ancient times: the Greeks had been so fascinated by it to imagine that in these seas lived the Sirens, whose singing was impossible to escape from. Not even the Romans resisted the myth, perpetuating the fame of its thousands of beauties and endless natural resources.
They traced there a road that crosses it as far as the extreme end of Punta Campanella and built landings, fish-ponds, nymphaea and thermal basins on the sea to exalt their sumptuous villas, such as that of Pollio Felice, whose ruins evidence its grandeur.
In the Middle Ages and in the modern age, the population, relying on the spirit of cultural exchange, did not fear the Saracens and never withdrew from the sea, continuing to live in the wonderful sea-shores: Marina di Aequa, Marina Grande, Marina della Lobra.

Ruins of Pollio Felice’s Villa - Queen Joan’s Baths
Via Capo

Ruins of a majestic Roman building probably fitted out with landings, terraces and reservoirs, attributed to the Latin poet Stazio and to the historian Pollio Felice, protector of Virgil and Horace. Immediately after, a natural swimming pool accessible from the sea through a natural arch, a former Roman nympheum (Diana’s Baths), according to the legend attended by the extravagant Queen Joan Durazzo of Anjou.

"Parco Marino" - Punta Campanella

The natural protected marina "Punta Campanella", instituted on the 12th December 1997, extends in the communes of Massa Lubrense, Piano di Sorrento, Positano, Sant’Agnello, Sorrento and Vico Equense. Its main goals are: the protection and exploitation of the biological and geomorphologic resources of the area, the diffusion of the knowledge of the sea and coastal environment and the promotion of a social and economical development consistent with the naturalistic and landscape vocation of the area.
The approximately 30 kilometres of coasts of Sorrento Peninsula are a succession of green promontories and pleasant inlets. The famous bay of Ieranto offers a landscape unique for its beauty, as well as the mythical isles Li Galli that, according to Homer’s tradition, are nothing but the Sirens precipitated in the sea for Ulysses’ refusal of visiting them. The waters of the so-called "Sirens’ land", hide changing habitats that can be discovered through exciting dives. Cliffs just on the sea alternate to sweetly degrading walls. The sea environment of the natural protected area of Punta Campanella is characterised by a wide range of flora and fauna. On the background of this enchanting scenery live numerous species of fish: white bream, octopus, spiny lobster, grouper, scorpion fish, grey mullet. The "Ente Parco", with seat in Massa Lubrense – Viale Filangieri, 40 –Tel. 081.808.96.77 – Fax 081. 878.96.63, protects this rich and spectacular multiplicity of species.

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