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Limonoro - lemon liqueur
Via San Cesareo, 49/53
80067 Sorrento - NA - Italy
Ph. +39 081 8785348
Fax +39 081 8781242
E-mail: info@limonoro.it

Una piacevole tradizione di Sorrento

Limonoro is a lemon liqueur undoubtedly one, its own colour is yellow, velvet-like only lemons of Sorrento are.
Limonoro is born of the ancient, simple and the traditional recipe; it is produced exclusively by lemons picked fresh in the morning. The lemons are deprived by skins and infused in alcohol. This liqueur have a sublime and unique taste when it’s served icy.
From some time in a lot of Italian houses, Limonoro, a sweet liqueur, made in Sorrento, have won everyone’s heart. Together with this excellent liqueur there are Limonoro lemons cream, produced with Limonoro recipe, added to milk and milk-cream, and the babamignon with “Limonoro” lemons liqueur, with Rhum and with lemons cream. All “Limonoro” products are presented in a beatiful packing of different forms and for the liqueurs are available very particular bottles. Limonoro produces a range of sweets too, since very refined and stuffed chocolates to the pralines and to the biscuits, all of these are produced in artisan way and with ingredients of first quality.

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